Gautam Kok

After finishing bilingual secondary education, Gautam finished his Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences (Molecular Life Sciences) at Maastricht University in 2014. Being internationally oriented, he enrolled in an Honours program in International Health and in 2013 paid a two-month visit to India to learn about its healthcare system. In 2014 he visited China with the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School (NAHSS) where he, besides taking summer courses at Peking University (PKU), worked on strengthening scientific and educational ties between China and The Netherlands for the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. With special interest in research and translational medicine, Gautam currently studies a Master’s program, SUMMA (Selective Utrecht Medical Master), at Utrecht University while participating in various extracurricular activities. He aims to become a translational scientist and a medical doctor and has a special interest in regenerative medicine. In his spare time, Gautam loves traveling and exploring new cultures, cooking and dining and to play (and win) board games.

Gautam is member since 2014.