Ronald AkkermanRonald is an enthusiastic medical student with the goal of becoming an all-round Medical Doctor who combines patient care with medical research. He participated in stem cell research (intestinal organoids) at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital and investigated quality of life after esophagectomy for cancer. Besides his passions for medicine and research, he enjoys outdoor sports and works in the National Reserve Corps of the Royal Netherlands Army. He is a Medical Committee member of the Dutch Alpine Club and is very interested in high altitude medicine. Currently, he is completing his final year of medical school which consists of clinical rotations (Cardiology, Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine) and a scientific internship at the Altitude Research Center (Aurora, U.S.A.).

Thomas FoetsThomas is the founder and former board member of Apollo. He is currently a Cambridge Cancer Centre PhD scholar at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge working with Dr. Marc de la Roche. He started his career as a medical student in Utrecht with a particular focus on gastroenterology and oncology. He previously worked with Dr. Roderick at Cambridge researching the impact of mutated K-Ras on calcium signalling in colorectal cancer cells. Thomas is the winner of various honours and competitive scholarships. He aims to be a physician-scientist. Thomas’ interests include powerlifting and fitness, travelling, tutoring, fundraising and meeting new people

Jeroen de JongeAfter Jeroen finished high school gymnasium, he started studying Medicine at the University Medical Center Utrecht. In the second year of medical school, he participated in a research Honours Program in the department of Psychiatry. During a two-year research project, he contributed to research involving proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging in patients with schizophrenia. After he obtained his Bachelor degree, Jeroen took also part in the Master’s Honours Program. At the department of vascular surgery, he investigated the dynamic changes of the abdominal aorta during the cardiac cycle in patients with an abdominal aortic aneurysm. In the course of his education, he published several scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals. In his last year of medical school he developed a special interest in Neurology and Internal Medicine during his internships. Currently, Jeroen is doing a residency in Neurology.

Isabelle KappenAfter graduating from the European School in Belgium, Isabelle started started studying medicine at the University of Utrecht in 2009. During her barcelor she participated in the EUTrigtreat Research Project investigating pharmacological effects on cardiac arrhythmias in vivo and in vitro at the department of Medical Physiology in Utrecht and as part of the honours program of medicine. In the course of her master she gained a special interest in Plastic Surgery and aims to integrate research into her clinical carreer. She is currently evaluating long-term outcomes after craniofacial surgery and has presented the results of her work at national and international scientific meetings. Besides her research activities, she recently volunteered to provide free craniofacial surgery in the Philippines and was selected for an exchange with University of Queensland, Australia. She has a great passion for travelling, diving, running and values spending time with family and friends. Isabelle just finished her PhD and started a residency in anesthesiology.

Willemijn is the former Secretary of Apollo Utrecht. She completed her high school with high honours. She concluded her bachelor in Medicine with cum laude honours. During her bachelor degree, she participated in the UMC Utrecht Bachelor Honours Programme focused on neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis type 3, a neurodegenerative metabolic disorder in children. She continues her research on this subject in the Master Honours Programme with a collaboration with the Bartiméus group, specialized in visual handicaps as rapid visual decline is an early sign in this disease. She is interested in genetics and has therefore conducted her Master’s electives in the field of clinical genetics. She aims to be a physician-scientist as well. Willemijn’s interests include tutoring, traveling and meeting friends and new people.