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Arthur van der BoogArthur started studying Medicine in 2011 after graduating from high school gymnasium and with the objective of developing both academic and clinical expertise,  he participated in the Bachelor Honours Program. As a part of this program he did research in the department of Neurology, exploring the significance of microinfarcts in the aging brain. He also wrote a paper with two other Honours students on barium intoxication. Arthur is currently continuing his Medicine studies, while also a participant in the Master Honours Program, where he contributes to research on the postoperative neurological outcomes of glioma resection in the department of Neurosurgery. Since his 2013, he has been an active member and project coordinator of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM), an international organisation striving to improve the access to medicines around the world. In the field of Medicine, Arthur has developed a special interest in Neurosurgery, while in addition, he hopes to explore and contribute to the interaction and cooperation between academia and society.

Arthur is member since 2015.

Saskia van der BoorSaskia is an enthusiastic SUMMA student. Having spent most of her life abroad, she left Spain at the age of 18 to study at University College Utrecht where she became sure she wanted to pursue a biomedical career. She has a special interest in combining medical research with patient care, particularly in the area of Global Health. She loves learning about new countries and cultures and has spent time in the USA and Indonesia conducting extracurricular research concerning child health after exposure to second hand smoking during pregnancy. She is currently in her last year of SUMMA and has set up a research project looking at intrauterine bacterial colonisation during pregnancies with the help of the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital in Utrecht and the Spaarne Gasthuis in Hoofddorp. In her free time she has a passion for water sports, particularly swimming and diving, reading, meeting new people and travelling.

Saskia is member since 2015.

Mimount BourfissMimount started studying medicine at the University of Utrecht in 2010. During her master she followed the UMC Utrecht Honours Programme where she participated in the cardiology ARVD/C research group. She presented her research results at the Dutch society of cardiology congress. Besides her passion for cardiology, she is also interested in women’s health. In 2015 she organized the annual medical congress of the Utrecht students association about women’s health to raise attention for this topic. Besides her studies, she enjoys writing for the medical students magazine in which various medicine related topics are discussed. During her free time she likes to travel, learn foreign languages and spend time with family and friends.

Mimount is member since 2015.

Suzan started studying medicine at the University of Utrecht in 2013. She received her Bachelor’s degree with Cum Laude qualification. Recently, she started her master, as well as the Master Honours Program, where she researches the impact of centralization of pediatric neuroblastoma care. Her medical interest lies in the field of internal medicine. She enjoys preparing high school students for their finals in physics as a side job. During her free time she likes to travel, dive and read.

Suzan is member since 2016.

Dionne (BSc) started studying Medicine at Utrecht University in 2012, currently fully enjoying her life as a medical intern during her Master’s. Over the past years, she has developed an above average interest in those specialties concerning threatened vital functions (emergency medicine, intensive care medicine, anesthesiology), as well as in technical applications in the medical field. However, her heart evidently lies in the OR, hoping to become a talented surgeon one day. During her Bachelor’s she participated in the faculty-bound Honours programme, analyzing surgical outcomes of congenital heart defects. Now in her Master’s, she continued with the Master’s Honours programme, performing research on minimally invasive esophagectomies. She participates in many extracurricular activities, ranging from being an assisting teacher at the dissection lab and an active member of education participation councils to a teddy bear doctor in the children’s hospital (her absolute favorite). She loves meeting inspiring people from various backgrounds and having animated discussions, often having a well-thought-out opinion ready but more than willing to adapt after hearing solid counter arguments. This encouraged her to become a member of the Apollo Society Utrecht in 2016. In her free time, she loves to sail (catamaran in particular) and playing the piano and double bass.

Dionne is member since 2016.

Nienke de GraeffNienke de Graeff is a SUMMA (Selective Utrecht Medical Master) student from the class of 2011. Before SUMMA, she completed an education in the Life Sciences at University College Maastricht. Interested in ethical issues, she wrote her bachelor thesis on euthanasia requests by patients with dementia. She loves the Spanish language and Latin America, and has twice spent half a year there, respectively travelling and studying at the university in Quito, Ecuador. During her years in Maastricht, Nienke became more and more sure that she wanted to pursue a medical and scientific career and applied for SUMMA. During her masters, she has engaged in various extracurricular activities, ranging from debating to research on autoimmune diseases. She is currently conducting basic research on this topic in the Prakken laboratory for her Master thesis. In the future, she aims to work both as a Medical Doctor and researcher, translating the problems of patients from their beds to the laboratory bench, and back.

Nienke is member since 2014.

Nina de GruijterNina is a SUMMA (Selective Utrecht Medical Master) student who started in 2015. Before SUMMA, she studied pre-medical science at University College Utrecht, for which she spent one semester at the University of California in Berkeley. There, taking multiple courses on drugs and plant medications, she developed a great interest in both toxicology and holistic medicine. Nina likes to discuss controversial topics in the setting of modern medicine, such as plant medication or the role of diet and the gut microbiome in health. Nina believes medicine should be about general well-being, and aspires to become a respectful doctor combining modern medicine with research in less prevailing methods and yet unexplored areas of medical care.

Nina is member since 2015.

Siri HomburgSiri Homburg is currently a student of the four-year master program SUMMA (Selective Utrecht Medical MAster). Before SUMMA she graduated in Life Sciences at University College Maastricht, writing her bachelor thesis on the impact of epigenetics on evolution theory. During her bachelor she was an active member in the student rowing association Saurus. Rowing competitively for two years (2nd place NK) followed by coaching and a fulltime board year. SUMMA is a program that aside from medical knowledge and clinical practice, includes a substantial research component. In this program she is a member of the student representation and has an active role in the feedback and development of education. Siri aspires to work both as a medical doctor and researcher, preferably in an academic setting.

Siri is member since 2015.

Alexander Hulsbergen is 20 jaar en vierdejaars geneeskundestudent. Zijn medische interesses zijn neurologie en neurochirurgie. In de bachelor deed hij in het honoursprogramma van geneeskunde onderzoek naar ALS, en op dit moment is hij bezig met onderzoek naar defensieve geneeskunde in Nederland. Hij heeft ook het Descartes programma gevolgd waarbij de focus ligt op verbreding over alle takken van wetenschap. Alexander vindt het belangrijk en leuk het raakvlak te vinden tussen geneeskunde en andere academische disciplines, evenals het raakvlak met politiek en maatschappij.

Alexander is member since 2015.

Charlotte KoldeweijCharlotte is a French-Dutch medical student with broader interests in global health and translational medicine. Currently in her second year of medicine at the UMC Utrecht, she has previously gained her Bacherlor’s in  international relations and economics from Sciences Po Paris, spending a year abroad at Georgetown University, in Washington D.C. Charlotte focused her Master’s thesis at Oxford on climate change and international development, collecting data for her thesis in Cape Town, South Africa. After half a year spent working on international development and renewable energy projects in Burkina Faso for the Dutch Development Agency, and another six months working for the Overseas Development Institute in London, she joined the medical course in Utrecht. She is now conducting her Honours research on the risk factors for RSV mortality in children with the Wilhelmina Kinderziekhuis. Through medicine, Charlotte is hoping to combine clinical practice and research with her desire to create an impact at scale.

Charlotte is member since 2015.

Willemijn is the former Secretary of Apollo Utrecht. She completed her high school with high honours. She concluded her bachelor in Medicine with cum laude honours. During her bachelor degree, she participated in the UMC Utrecht Bachelor Honours Programme focused on neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis type 3, a neurodegenerative metabolic disorder in children. She continues her research on this subject in the Master Honours Programme with a collaboration with the Bartiméus group, specialized in visual handicaps as rapid visual decline is an early sign in this disease. She is interested in genetics and has therefore conducted her Master’s electives in the field of clinical genetics. She aims to be a physician-scientist as well. Willemijn’s interests include tutoring, traveling and meeting friends and new people.

Willemijn is member since 2014.

cynthiaCynthia started studying Medicine at Utrecht University in 2011 after finishing her high school with cum laude honours. During her studies she has kept a special interest for both neurologic and psychiatric disorders, and loves to participate in extracurricular activities and student organisations. In her second year of Medicine, she contributed to a project investigating early signs of autism spectrum disorder. Currently, she is conducting research into selective outcome reporting bias in the field of antipsychotics. During her final year of Medicine she will be focusing on gaining experience and knowledge in neurology, by conducting research at the Academisch Medisch Centrum in Amsterdam. Cynthia developed a great love for traveling during her abroad internship gynaecology in Suriname and likes to draw portraits, watch movies and catch up with friends in her spare time.

Cynthia is member since 2016.

Joep van OostromJoep started studying medicine in 2011 after completing high school in Nijmegen, his hometown. He is currently in his fifth year of medicine. During his bachelor he rowed crew at USR Triton for 2 years. In 2014, after obtaining his bachelor’s degree, he took a 6 month break from his medical education to study at the faculties of mathematics and philosophy and to learn to play the piano. During his internships he became interested in tropical medicine, (acute) internal medicine and anesthesiology, along with mathematical applications used in medical practice and research. In his free time, next to playing the piano, he likes to play tennis and road cycling. He also likes to learn new things (goal list for 2017: dancing, cooking, fast-reading) and to visit new places.

Joep is member since 2016.

Amir Sadeghi is a final year medical student in the Selective Utrecht Medical Master (SUMMA) program. He received his B.Sc. (with Honors) degree in Pharmacy from Utrecht University in 2013. In the same year he was elected as one of the most talented non-western students at Utrecht University. During his medical studies he has participated in the Young Innovators League and, additionally, co-founded the Avicenna Excellence Program; an honors program that focusses on multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation in healthcare-related topics.

Furthermore, Amir has conducted research in the fields of nanomedicine, experimental cardiology, and esophageal cancer surgery, which has resulted in several publications in international peer-reviewd journals. In 2016, he has also conducted research on tissue engineering and organs-on-a-chip at the Brigham & Women’s hospital (Harvard medical school) and the Harvard-MIT health sciences and technology.

Amir is a translational medicine enthusiast, and therefore, aims to become a cardiothoracic surgeon as well as a researcher.

Amir is member since 2016.

Sarah Sayed is in her first year of the Selective Utrecht Medical Master (SUMMA) program. Before SUMMA, she completed her bachelors in Life Sciences at University College Maastricht spending one semester at the University of California, Berkeley. During her studies, she explored many fields ranging from modern art and ancient Greek to plant medicine and toxicology before choosing medicine. Sarah enjoys vivid discussions that challenge her point of view. She aspires to become a medical doctor/ researcher and gain a deeper understanding of the medical world on the whole. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, dancing, and hippie’ing around.

Sarah is member since 2016.

Mia Wessels is a 23 year old who has thought a long while about many things, one of which how to write a biography in a few sentences. Should the biography excist of what she does, studies or has completed? Or what her interests are? Her conclusion was that it is what she dreams about being and thus describing herself in a way that shows she is on the way of accomplishing that.

She has been studying medicine for five years now and is mainly interested in the chain of steps between research and eventual results concerning the patient. She likes debating and philosophy. She spends her free time travelling to different beaches since her biggest passion is kitesurfing.

Mia is member since 2016.