Nina de GruijterNina is a SUMMA (Selective Utrecht Medical Master) student who started in 2015. Before SUMMA, she studied pre-medical science at University College Utrecht, for which she spent one semester at the University of California in Berkeley. There, taking multiple courses on drugs and plant medications, she developed a great interest in both toxicology and holistic medicine. Nina likes to discuss controversial topics in the setting of modern medicine, such as plant medication or the role of diet and the gut microbiome in health. Nina believes medicine should be about general well-being, and aspires to become a respectful doctor combining modern medicine with research in less prevailing methods and yet unexplored areas of medical care.

Nina is member since 2015.

Alexander Hulsbergen is 20 jaar en vierdejaars geneeskundestudent. Zijn medische interesses zijn neurologie en neurochirurgie. In de bachelor deed hij in het honoursprogramma van geneeskunde onderzoek naar ALS, en op dit moment is hij bezig met onderzoek naar defensieve geneeskunde in Nederland. Hij heeft ook het Descartes programma gevolgd waarbij de focus ligt op verbreding over alle takken van wetenschap. Alexander vindt het belangrijk en leuk het raakvlak te vinden tussen geneeskunde en andere academische disciplines, evenals het raakvlak met politiek en maatschappij.

Alexander is member since 2015.

Gautam KokAfter finishing bilingual secondary education, Gautam finished his Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences (Molecular Life Sciences) at Maastricht University in 2014. Being internationally oriented, he enrolled in an Honours program in International Health and in 2013 paid a two-month visit to India to learn about its healthcare system. In 2014 he visited China with the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School (NAHSS) where he, besides taking summer courses at Peking University (PKU), worked on strengthening scientific and educational ties between China and The Netherlands for the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. With special interest in research and translational medicine, Gautam currently studies a Master’s program, SUMMA (Selective Utrecht Medical Master), at Utrecht University while participating in various extracurricular activities. In his spare time, Gautam loves traveling and exploring new cultures, cooking and dining and to play (and win) board games.

Remi is the Treasurer of Apollo. Remi StevelinkHe is currently a student of the Selective Utrecht Medical Master (SUMMA) programme at Utrecht University. Before starting his degree in Medicine, he finished a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences in Utrecht, and a master’s degree in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford. Moreover, during his studies he has been on exchange programmes to Hong Kong and Lausanne. His ambition is to bridge the gap between research and clinical applications, by combining clinical neurology with fundamental neuroscience research. Currently, his main research interest is to study the effects of sleep on structural integrity of the brain. In his spare time, Remi’s main passion is to travel and to see as much of the world as possible.